negotiated Divorce

Every divorcing couple eventually has to agree on dividing marital property and debt and determining if one party will pay or receive alimony.  Couples with a minor child or children must also agree on a parenting plan and how to calculate child support.  These are the four main legal issues in any divorce and we help you resolve them. 

Negotiate Don’t Litigate

We fully support each client’s desire to resolve their issues without resorting to litigation. We view divorce litigation as a tool that is used only when negotiations have broken down and not an automatic starting point for every divorce.  A bitter extended court battle only makes a difficult situation more painful and expensive. We will not encourage you to “file first” or “take them to court.”

Our legal experience is relevant to your future. 

We understand the tax effects of asset division and have years of experience dividing pension and retirement plans.  Additionally, we have worked in corporate legal departments and estate planning practices.  Because we are experts in the issues couples face in divorce, we are uniquely positioned to craft solutions that work for you and your family.  Alternatively, if your lawyer’s expertise is divorce litigation then your time and money will be spent preparing to go to court. 

What is fair?

Every client’s story is unique.  After discussing the reality of your specific situation and the range of outcomes you could expect if your case went to court, you can decide for yourself what is a fair outcome.  

If you want to stay out of court and remain in control of your future, your family, and your finances, we would be happy to talk with you about how we can help.  For a complimentary 20-minute consultation please contact us.